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Benefits of Fluo

A haven for liquidity providers, DEXs, traders and protocols
The Fluo ecosystem benefits multiple parties:
  • Liquidity providers (LPs) can deposit into vaults that use professional market making strategies to earn high APY from choppy markets, and can receive incentives as well.
  • Protocols looking to launch a token who wants more liquidity and volume for their spot/perp can directly incentivize public to provide liquidity.
  • DEXs can offer more liquidity and listings to attract traders and earn more fees.
  • Traders on DEXs with more liquidity trade with lower spread and slippage that is similar to CEXs, and have more perps to choose from.

Why Use Fluo as a Liquidity Provider?

Automated Liquidity Management and Farming

For the average user, managing your liquidity to generate yield is a time consuming process. By providing a wide range of liquidity vaults, Fluo will assist in simplifying and automating your liquidity management across a variety of passive, and in the future, actively managed liquidity provisions.
Fluo offers a range of the lowest-fee auto compounding vaults. Rewards are automatically harvested and reinvested into the strategy to grow your deposit. Whenever applicable, gas fees are socialized amongst vault users.

Lower Fees, Higher Returns

Users who deposit their LP tokens into most Fluo vaults will receive 90% of the yield generated. The remaining proportion of revenue is received by FLUO stakers.
Fluo's vault performance fee is variable and will usually have a maximum of 20% and a minimum of 3% but with an average of 10%.
The $FLUO governance token represents ownership in the protocol, allowing holders to receive profit shares.