Yield Boosting

Get even more rewards.
This guide assumes you have already provided liquidity and are currently staking your vault LP tokens. Apart from earning from fees generated, one of the main utilities for FLUO is the ability to boost your rewards on provided liquidity.
LPs on Fluo have a base of 1.0x boost up to a max of 2.5x, based on certain factors such as your veFLUO size, and the amount of LP staked in proportion to the total pool. This means that the effective range of APRs is (1->2.5x), or more accurately (0.4x->1x).

Figuring out your required boost

The first step to getting your rewards boosted is to figure out how much FLUO you'll need to lock. All gauges have different requirements meaning some pools are easier to boost than others. It depends on how much others have locked and how much the liquidity gauge has. ​

Locking your FLUO

Once you know how much and how long you wish to lock for, visit the following page: [TBU]
Enter the amount you want to lock and select your expiry. Remember locking is not reversible. The amount of veFLUO received will depend on how much and how long you vote for.
You can extend a lock and add stFLUO to it at any point. After creating your lock, you will need to apply your boost.


The boost mechanism will calculate your earning weight by taking the smaller amount of two values. The first value is simple, it's the amount of liquidity you are providing. This amount is your maximum earning weight.
veFLUO allows you to earn higher yield from FLUO pools, whereas you would be earning the low end of APRs otherwise.
Boost Formula (ultra-simplified) is as such:
Boost =derivedBalanceOf÷balanceOfBoost\ = derivedBalanceOf\div balanceOf
A more detailed and comprehensive form of the boost formula can be seen below:
LP Weight =min((user0.4)+(lp totaluserlocked ÷total locked) 0.6,user)LP\ Weight \ = min((user*0.4)+(lp \ total * user locked \ \div total \ locked)\ * 0.6,user)
Boost=LP Weight÷ userBoost = LP\ Weight \div \ user
Where: - user = LP amount the user has deposited - lp total = Total LP staked - user locked = user's veFLUO - total locked = total locked veFLUO